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About us

About Us

Our Story

PRWala was born from the growing frustration of small business owners not be able to obtain
advertising space within prime areas of India.

With Suppliers focusing on the larger organisations to partner for Advertising space this has left the
48 Million SME’s in India with no real platform to target customers nationally.
When Small Businesses contact Advertisers, the feedback has been the minimum spend and space
required to purchase was not in the reach of an SME and PRWala wanted to bring change to this problem.
The team commenced an 18 months research and development process set on revolutionising the
advertising industry. PRWala was launched in January 2020, connecting Small/Medium Businesses
with Advertisers across India and having the ability to book this directly through our platform.

How it works

PRWala continue to list and obtain exclusive deals with Advertisers across India, allowing companies to view space available at discounted rates negotiated by PRWala. 

In real time, you are able to purchase Ad space and see the demographics and reach within the selected area. Business owners will be able to see an availability calendar that outlines the dates available for the ad to be shown and purchase the space through PRWala.

Our team will ensure the slot is reserved and be in touch to obtain the content and any further information that is required. The ad will then go live on the dates selected and an image of this will be viewable from within your Account Section.

For Advertisers, PRWala offers an opportunity to provide a solution to the SME market and be able to connect and provide a solution that previously was unavailable.

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